At Spotlight Media, we strive to maximize value by efficiently turning advertising dollars into results.

How it Works

Step One

When you become a Spotlight customer, we produce a responsive design microsite that works across desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones and we create campaigns designed to drive targeted traffic to your business.

Step Two

Our campaigns will generate local traffic to your site and we will track all phone calls and leads generated by our advertising campaigns to your business with our advanced analytics reporting.

Step Three

Once our campaigns begin providing you with quality leads, those leads will turn into sales conversions and then we will work with you to fine-tune and adjust your budget to maximize your marketing potential.

SmartClick Technology™

The key to our success is our proprietary, nine-variable SmartClick™ technology. While any company can buy Internet advertising placements, Spotlight is the only one with this unique system that sets us apart.

SmartClick™ enables us to target traffic streams based on desired consumer responses. The four variables we start with include identifying which keywords, placements, positions and ad text will result in the best performing actions. A typical campaign will start with 500 – 1,000 keywords, 200 text variations and dynamically altering position.

Once a campaign begins, we then target the other five metric variables, including click-through-rate, time-on-site by keyword, click-to-action ratio, and two more essential components that we do not disclose as they are reserved Intellectual Property. Our system then automatically redistributes the advertising budget to put higher emphasis on the elements of the variables that result in the best response. The SmartClick™ engines analyze every campaign 144 times per day. The team of analysts uses that data to continuously test new initiatives.

Our SmartClick™ technology does not end with ad placements. It follows the user experience to the microsite landing pages we design. The destination quality of a search engine advertisement is one-third of the algorithm that Google and other major search engines use when determining the cost per click for targeted traffic. Because we invest so heavily in the concept, design and execution of our microsites, this effectively lowers the cost per click that we have to pay as a company. For example, we regularly optimize our sites for search quality and build versions that are tablet and mobile friendly.

While there is no such thing as “wholesale pricing” from the major search engines, our substantial investments in technology and personnel allow us to effectively get the exact same traffic as our customers or competitors could possibly get on their own, but at a cost that can be as low as half the normal price and double the volume. Some of that cost savings goes back into the ads to get more results for our customers, some gets reinvested into our technology, and the rest is what keeps the lights on at Spotlight Media.

Money-Back Performance Guarantee

At Spotlight Media Solutions, we are so confident that we will deliver excellent results for our customers, that we offer a 100% Money Back Performance Guarantee. In fact, if we can’t meet the terms of the guarantee, then we will give the customer their money back PLUS $500 cash to show that we stand behind our performance.

In our company’s history, we have never failed to meet our performance objectives and we never plan to. Talk to one of our Sales Associates today to discuss all the details and to receive a copy of the guarantee.

FREE Online Marketing Review

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