With our remarketing and retargeting strategies, we will get previous visitors to your site back to your site.

Effective Strategy

From the company that developed SmartClick™ technology, Spotlight Advertising, Spotlight Social, and Spotlight Design comes the latest in synergies that allows for the most advanced targeted marketing ever possible on the Internet.

Remarketing is a solution that targets only people who have recently viewed a client’s landing page or website, thereby completing the entire cycle from one researching an industry, to following through as a loyal customer. With Spotlight Remarketing, you get an effective strategy that works well with Spotlight Design, Spotlight Social, or as a stand-alone service for those clients with their own website. We utilize the latest in synergies that allows for the most advanced targeted marketing ever possible on the Internet.

How We Help

Spotlight Advertising brings in leads. Spotlight Social builds creativity. Spotlight Design creates an enterprise-class presence. And Spotlight Remarketing offers you an efficient marketing strategy. Spotlight Remarketing accomplishes this by utilizing a sophisticated system based on referenced Facebook profiles. Essentially, when an individual searches a company, for instance, on the Internet and then logs onto Facebook, that individual will see an ad for that previously searched company (if that company is a Spotlight customer) on their Facebook page. This is used to help with branding reinforcement.

In addition to Spotlight Advertising geographically targeting an advertisement to an entire population, this method is marketed to the small percentage of people that are most likely to become customers. Because the target is so small, Spotlight is able to use the marketing budget very effectively. Spotlight offers multiple remarketing packages, the difference is the population of targeted customers. While the lower cost option shows an advertisement for 30 days, the higher priced package reaches site visitors longer.

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