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Spotlight Media is a professional internet services firm that specializes in most effectively creating multimedia geo-targeted advertising campaigns, custom website designs, and managing social media, using the latest proprietary technology and employing top industry talent.

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Our goal is simple—to maximize value by efficiently turning your advertising dollars into results. Spotlight’s incentive and desire is to deliver the best possible value and advertising solution to our customers so that we can cultivate a long-term relationship.

Web Design

A revolutionary new concept in the world of web design and Internet business identity—web design as an ongoing service. Working with Spotlight Media, you will get an effective web presence that you can be proud of as a stand-alone strategy or to beautifully complement our Advertising, Social Media and Remarketing services.

Social Media

Complete Social and Interactive Media management for companies of all sizes. Our expert team can handle an entire online profile on all of the major social media platforms, including creation, management, response and strategy.


With Spotlight Remarketing, customers get an effective strategy that works well with Spotlight’s other services, or a stand-alone service for those clients with their own website. We utilize the latest in synergies that allows for the most advanced targeted marketing ever possible on the Internet. This solution allows us to reconnect your marketing message with past visitors to your website in an effective and powerful way.

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