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Complete Social and Interactive Media management for companies of all sizes. Our expert team can handle an entire online profile on all the major social media platforms, including creation, management, response and strategy.



The number one social media headquarters on the Internet. With over 1.44 billion monthly active users- one out of three people visit the site every day in the US. Due to its rapidly increasing popularity, it is crucial for companies to create a name for themselves on this platform.


Essentially the world’s largest photo album, Instagram is an image sharing service based around albums and online communities. Instagram hosts over 20 billion images and acts as a central database for blogs and image sharing and is growing in influence every day.


The most famous video-sharing website in the world. This platform places businesses & consumers in the director’s chair with the ability to upload and manage videos. With over 1 billion users on YouTube, every day millions of videos are viewed by the public.


The website that is the essence of microblogging. Sparking a revolution in communication- Twitter has over 100 million users that login daily, and over 500 million tweets sent per day. Tweets are short blurbs that double as written advertisements.


At Spotlight, we assign our customers a dedicated team of analysts that collaborate in one location. Your team is available for quick responses and regularly work toward your best interests. The analysts will set up accounts with various platforms and post regular updates and help spur social interaction. As the customer, you can call or email your analyst at any time with questions. Your team will:

  • Individually assess your needs
  • Create social media accounts & post updates
  • Integrate your contact lists with each platform
  • Create a custom YouTube video
  • Create custom profile images
  • Promote social media based promotions & discounts
  • Contact you regularly to strategize campaigns

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“Over the months we worked with Spotlight the traffic to our website increased drastically and leads were being generated daily. Our Spotlight rep was constantly following up and catering to the needs of our business.” Read MoreCole, Studio 202
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